Friday, April 13, 2007

Boston-Area Schools VI: Tufts University (Tina Brooks, Guest Photographer)

I didn't know it until I got back from my trip, but we actually can offer photographs of a sixth Boston-area college, Tufts University, which is located in Medford (north of Cambridge). One of our Texas Tech graduate students, Tina Brooks, attended the same academic conference as I did in Boston. As I later learned, Tina had gone to Tufts during her undergraduate years, and went back to visit on this recent trip. The photos below are hers, along with her descriptions of them.

Shown above is a side entrance to the campus.

This is the library.

This is Goddard Chapel.

This is Carmichael Hall, a dorm and dining hall.

And, lastly, this is Richardson House, an all-female dormitory, where I lived in my freshman year.