Saturday, November 21, 2009

University of Kansas

One of our Texas Tech graduate students, Jeremy Boden, recently attended an academic conference at the University of Kansas (KU) in the town of Lawrence, and he was kind enough to take some pictures of the campus for the blog. I visited KU in November 1996 to see a couple of friends from my University of Michigan grad school days who've gone on to become longtime faculty members in the Kansas psychology department. In fact, one of Jeremy's pictures is of Fraser Hall, which houses psychology and other social sciences...

Jeremy also photographed the Campanile and Potter Lake...

In doing some online research for this posting, I came across a spectacular nighttime photo showing the reflection of the Campanile shining on the surface of the lake (I don't mean to upstage Jeremy, but the evening photo was too amazing to pass up).

The conference Jeremy attended coincided with the tragic shooting spree at Fort Hood Army Base in Texas. As Jeremy captured in the next photograph, ROTC students at KU paid tribute in front of Strong Hall to those who lost their lives at Fort Hood.

Many campuses have a quaint building or two, which differ in architecture from the rest of the buildings. At KU, it's historic Spooner Hall, a building so special that a book devoted to it has just been published.

Lastly, KU is, of course, a big athletics school, led by its perennial men's basketball powerhouse. Jeremy apparently didn't get any photos of Allen Fieldhouse, the hoops home, but he did photograph the football stadium and athletic hall of fame.

How can anyone not love the Jayhawks' mascot?