Sunday, June 14, 2015

University of Colorado (CU) Boulder

University of Colorado (CU) Boulder professor Gary McClelland, who shares my passions for statistical analysis and sports, recently posted some campus photos on Facebook. With his permission, I am posting them here.

The first photo shows Folsom Field, the CU football stadium, which here was set up for the Bolder Boulder road race on Memorial Day weekend. Behind the stadium, one can see a set of mountains known as the Flatirons. The second photo provides a closer-up view of the Flatirons, with some CU buildings in the foreground.

This aerial shot from the university's website shows that the Flatirons are actually pretty far away from the university, but are so big that they look like they are close by. So majestic is the Folsom/Flatirons view that it has even inspired people to create a Lego replica!

Gary also provided a beautiful shot of Varsity Pond (one also finds the term "Varsity Lake" when searching online, but as best as I can tell, the two names are referring to the same area).

As a writer for the Boulder International Film Festival (BIFF) notes:

My favorite spot at CU is one of the campus’ best-kept secrets: Varsity Lake. A serene pond separated by a rustic stone bridge located just west of the McKenna Languages building, Varsity Lake sees minimal foot traffic, making it the ideal relaxation spot for the weary BIFF attendee. 

The pond is home to a variety of animals, including [koi], turtles and ducks. Benches nestled under trees make it a good place for resting, and a walking path to the west means easy access to off-campus hot spot University Hill. Varsity Lake is so atmospheric that you might find students and Boulder residents enjoying the area, too: I’ve seen people have picnic lunches and even pose for wedding photographs at this scenic locale.

In short, the CU Boulder campus appears breathtakingly beautiful and, from what I've heard, the adjoining town area is really nice, as well.