Saturday, November 06, 2010

University of St. Thomas (Downtown Minneapolis Professional Campus)

Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, which I visited recently for an academic conference, features not only the traditional shimmering skyscrapers...

...but also quirky features such as a building with an entire wall painted like a musical score...

....and a statue commemorating the Mary Tyler Moore Show of the 1970s, the storyline of which was that her character, Mary Richards, worked in a Twin Cities television newsroom. As those of a certain age will recall, the opening sequence accompanying the theme song culminated in Mary tossing her hat in the air in a moment of joy.

In terms of colleges, the only one I was aware of in the immediate downtown area is the professional-school campus of the University of St. Thomas (whose main campus is in St. Paul). Shown below is the Opus College of Business and environs. Note the linkage of buildings by enclosed bridge/walkway, an extensive network of which exists in the downtown area to shield workers and visitors from the city's brutal winters.

I had hoped to also visit the nearby University of Minnesota campus, but ran out of time. For those interested in the University of Minnesota, we have a couple of photographs taken by my colleague Kazuko Behrens and displayed previously on this blog.