Friday, July 14, 2006

Texas Tech University -- Assorted Photos

I've now displayed photos of UCLA and the University of Michigan, my undergraduate and graduate alma maters, respectively, in earlier postings. Now it's time for me to post some photos I took of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, where I've been a faculty member for nine years.

Texas Tech is very big on traditions, which comes across in some of these photos.

The shot above is of the Administration Building, viewed from the south. In the extreme lower left of the photo, all that can be made out is some type of white structure. What this can be seen to be, if one walks away from the building and toward the structure, is a bench in the shape of the school's famous Double-T logo. In between the bench and the building (facing the building) is a statue of former Texas governor Preston Smith, during whose tenure Texas Tech was upgraded from a college to a university.

Here are two shots of the Will Rogers statue with his horse Soapsuds (Will Rogers's connection to Texas Tech is described in the "traditions" link above). The statue is located in a pretty, circular garden plaza. In the wider shot (above), one of the towers of the Administration Building is visible in the background, whereas the picture below provides more of a close-up of the statue.

Finally, here's a shot of the new wing of the Student Union (only a few years old), as viewed from the side by the library. Prior to its major renovation project, I used to tell people that the Texas Tech Student Union was state of the art... circa 1940!

On the site, which is devoted to discussion of all things Texas Tech (heavily, though not exclusively, sports-related), someone who goes by the moniker "TTU Red" periodically posts links to pictures he or she has taken of the campus, which are a lot nicer than mine (what I hang my hat on is getting to a lot of campuses and taking pretty good pictures!). You can access Red's pictures by clicking here, then scrolling down a bit and clicking on "TTU Campus."

I consider Texas Tech to be one of the nicer campuses I've seen. However, its flatness, lack of more greenery, and absence of water -- I'm referring to streams, rivers, or lakes, not a lack of drinking fountains -- keep it from rising to my personal top tier of campuses.