Sunday, August 07, 2011

Bowling Green State Univ. (Ohio)

Bowling Green State University (BGSU) sits in northwest Ohio, a little over 20 miles south of the city of Toledo. For the last 10 miles of the trip southward, extensive farmland leads down to BGSU.

The University likes to display its initials and Falcon logo throughout campus, via shaped hedges and banners in the school colors of brown and orange.

Many of the academic buildings appear to be undergoing renovation, such as Williams Hall, which hosts a number of social-science disciplines. Note also the brown/orange shade of the bricks.

Much of the campus consists of green spaces, literally as in the case of this lawn...

...along with eye-catching designs such as the huge mural on one side of Jerome Library. Near the library is BGSU's Carillon Bell Tower, which looks similar, in my view, to the one at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Beginning this Fall term, BGSU basketball and other indoor teams will have a new home, the Stroh Center, on the front edge of campus. Immediately in front of the new arena are the Falcon statue (lower left in the following montage) and, in a "green" gesture, a number of parking places reserved for cars with desirable environment properties.

I am used to the campuses and adjoining commercial districts at Midwestern (Big 10) schools such as Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northwestern, Indiana, and Ohio State being easily walkable. Despite being in the same region as these institutions, BGSU (a member of the Mid-America Conference) seems considerably auto-centric, as a car appears necessary (or at least helpful) to navigate the wide streets and highways surrounding the campus.