Sunday, September 08, 2013

University of California, Davis

Yoojin Chae, a faculty colleague of mine at Texas Tech who did post-doctoral research at UC Davis, went back to visit at the northern California school late this summer. The town of Davis is located near Sacramento, the state capital. Yoojin was kind enough to take some pictures of the campus, which are shown below.

The first one displays the school seal, embedded in the ground near the Memorial Union. The Union building looks pretty modern, having gone through many renovations over the years.


An unusual campus tradition is the set of Egghead art sculptures, five in all, around campus. The one pictured immediately above is adjacent to the Shields Library; this particular sculpture is known as Bookhead.

Greenery is also a major part of the UC Davis campus. The two following pictures are from the Quad... 

...and the Arboretum, a 100-acre spread located south of campus.

According to the book The American College Town (which I reviewed here), Davis is famous for its environmental conservation efforts, such as product recycling and bicycle lanes. In the picture below, the sign in the upper-right corner warns bicyclists, who apparently are a major presence on campus, to yield to pedestrians.