Friday, September 19, 2014

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University hosted the inaugural Big XII Teaching and Learning Conference in early August, and my Texas Tech colleague Allison Boye was kind enough to share some pictures she took of the campus. She also provided some background information on the buildings and grounds shown. All in all, the Stillwater, Oklahoma campus looks very pretty.

The first picture is of the library. The entire scene is picturesque and the lawn, lush.

The next shot is of the Student Union, which the university website describes as "the most comprehensive in the world." The building is so large, according to Allison, that she had to photograph it "from the side -- I couldn't actually get the whole thing in the photo!"

Finally, there is Theta Pond (named after Kappa Alpha Theta sorority).

Now you can see why Oklahoma State was recently named as the greenest campus in the state!