Sunday, September 13, 2015

Penn State Erie/Behrend College

Kim Corson, a Texas Tech Ph.D. recipient and previous contributor to this site, has taken a new faculty position at Penn State Erie/Behrend College. Kim was kind enough to share some photos of the campus, which are shown below.

In the Penn State system, the flagship is the large University Park campus (in the adjoining town of State College). Nineteen other schools are known as PSU Commonwealth campuses; 14 of these are two-year institutions that allow students to transfer to the PSU flagship. The other five schools, including Erie/Behrend, have over the years developed four-year degree options.

The Penn State campus in Erie is also known as Behrend College, in honor of the land for the campus having been donated by a member of the Behrend family (from the Hammermill Paper fortune). Although Erie has historically been a manufacturing/heavy-industry city (like nearby Cleveland, Ohio, and Buffalo, New York), the PSU Erie campus looks quite rustic.

Shown first is Erie Hall. According to the book Historic Erie County, "In addition to being used as a gymnasium, the new Erie Hall.. served as an assembly hall, a theatre for dramatic and musical productions, and an armory for the ROTC."

Turnbull Hall, home of the initial PSU Erie library, now serves as the site of psychology labs.

Shown next is the Reed Union Building (RUB).

Finally, we have the Metzgar Admissions and Alumni Center.